grieve quickly

by h i d e a n y w a y

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Blight_Caster h i d e a n y w a y has killed it with "grieve quickly". My only complaint is that it's not longer. Keep it up guys! Favorite track: someone else.
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released January 8, 2016

all songs written and recorded by hideanyway



all rights reserved


h i d e a n y w a y Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: sinking
lay down next to me
we've been sinking
give me what i need
i feel lost when i'm dreaming alone

if i had my way
i would go back on it all
drifting, sleeping
awake, alone
and if it hurts
then whats the point

lay down next to me
we've been sinking
don't know what i need
don't need anything
Track Name: disappoint
feel the lust
growing like dust on the shelf
let it take a hold of me
can i erase
all of the stains on the walls
and take comfort in the sound of falling trees

there's got to be something
that makes up for
being disappointed all the time

down the drain
pouring out my insides
hear the rain
against the window
its okay to be afraid
Track Name: dull
late night
feel alright
it's so cold
so stay close
ill never
get better

hope i might
feel sunlight
against my
my dull life
it seems like
the sunset
comes too soon
every night

saw your ghost
under leaves
your words burn
holes through me
maybe i
can feel better
if i ignore
all of this bad weather

i guess something's wrong with me
and everything i see
drags me underneath
where i
should be
Track Name: someone else
time's not on my side
it spins me around
and swallows me alive
i guess that's just how it goes
there's no comparison
to feeling so alone

fall apart again
it's nothing new
broken heart again
i'm used to
feeling used

i didn't mean to ruin everything
i even disappoint myself
sometimes i get the urge to talk to you
then i remember
now you're someone else
Track Name: hazy
along for the ride
anywhere but here will be just fine
put on a disguise
its so hard to believe in anything

don't go outside
fear of falling into the night sky
such dirty eyes
tired of feeling blind to everything
Track Name: unhinged
beneath the dirt and bloom
soon there'll be no more room
for me and you
Track Name: leave
run away
i won't mind
one mistake
in your life
i won't blame you
at least i'll try
i hate to see you
make your way through the line